Webinar: Biologics and Biosimilars

Biopharmaceuticals, or Biologics have successfully improved the care of several hard to treat conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and cancer. More of these complex biological drugs are coming. In the US over 900 biologics are being developed for more than 100 diseases. While they can be effective treatments, they can be very expensive and are the […]

Beer Home Brewing kits which might also produce morphine leads to calls for early-regulation

Researchers have taken the final steps to turn sugar-fed yeast, already used by homemade beer brewers to convert sugar into alcohol, into a microbial factory for producing morphine and other drugs. The authors demonstrate how they synthesized a compound of the poppy plant from sugar using a bio-engineered strain of yeast. This research could be […]

Cannabis impacts on teenagers

Daily users of cannabis before age 17 are over 60% less likely to complete high school or obtain a degree compared to those who have never used the drug, a new review of literature shows. The authors reviewed 290 reports on cannabis use in teenagers published since 2004. The authors conclude that adolescent cannabis use […]

Accurate drug testing on the go

Researchers have found a way to condense a complete drug-testing lab into a device the size of a backpack. The device uses a technique called microfluidic to extract compounds from a dried urine spot and subject it to complex chemical analysis by mass spectrometry. The new device detected cocaine and other drugs at concentrations down to […]

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