Biopharmaceuticals, or Biologics have successfully improved the care of several hard to treat conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and cancer. More of these complex biological drugs are coming. In the US over 900 biologics are being developed for more than 100 diseases. While they can be effective treatments, they can be very expensive and are the largest driver of drug spending in Canada.

This year, and over the next few years, a wave of biologic drugs will lose their patents, opening the door for less expensive “biosimilars” or Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs).

This SMCC Webinar will provide answers to questions about Biologics and SEBs, including:

  • What are biosimilars or SEBs and how do they differ from generic drugs?
  • What do patients need to know?
  • What are the cost implications of SEBs to Canada’s health care system and to patients?
  • What are the scientific and regulatory issues to consider?


Prof. Steve MorganFaculty of Medicine, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia

Dr. Leigh ReversAssociate Director and Senior Lecturer, Master of Biotechnology Program, University of Toronto

Dr. Dan Martinusen,Vancouver Island Health Authority renal pharmacist and chair of the BC Renal Agency’s Pharmacy and Formulary Committee

Watch the full presentation below: