Ocean Sciences in Canada | Webinar recording

Ocean Sciences in Canada – November 6, 2013 Canada is bordered by three oceans and boasts more coastline than any other country. Oceans have shaped our history and our economy, but do we have the tools we need to address current and future issues in ocean science research in an era of unprecedented change? Can […]

IPCC 5th Assessment, Working Group I – The Physical Science of Climate Change | Webinar recording

IPCC 5th Assessment, Working Group I – The Physical Science of Climate Change – September 27, 2013 The summary for policy makers from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was released on Friday September 27 morning at a meeting in Stockholm. In it, scientists present the latest assessment on the science of global climate […]

Quantum Computing | Webinar recording

Taking the questions out of quantum computing – July 24, 2013 When Blackberry co-founder Mike Lazaridis announced a new $100 million fund for quantum computing technologies in March, discussion re-ignited as to just what a quantum computer will look like. But computers aren’t the only application of quantum mechanics to information. Quantum technologies will change […]

Obesity, weight loss and New Year’s resolutions | Webinar recording

Obesity, weight loss and New Year’s Resolutions – December 4, 2012 As the holidays approach, many of us are running a gauntlet of high-calorie food, from family dinners with extra helpings to sweet-laden tables at company parties. Is it any wonder that weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions?  Yet most […]

Shrinking Arctic sea ice | Webinar recording

Shrinking Arctic sea ice – September 12, 2012 Arctic sea ice is melting faster and more extensively than ever recorded in three decades of satellite measurement – and it’s not done yet. Data released from the National Snow and Ice Data Center says that sea ice area is now less than four million square kilometres – about […]

State of Canada’s Birds | Webinar recording

State of Canada’s Birds – June 26, 2012 There’s nothing more symbolic of Canadian summer than the call of the loon. But is the status of birds in Canada a loon call or a swan song? How are Canada’s over 450 bird species doing? Since the 1970s, birds have undergone an overall decline in numbers, […]

Spotlight Report on Science Learning | Webinar recording

Canadian students excel at science – so why are so few choosing to pursue it? And just how big a problem will that be in tomorrow’s job market? The report “Spotlight on Science Learning”, commissioned by Amgen Canada and Let’s Talk Science, tackles why Canadian students opt out of science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) […]

Royal Society Report on Marine Biodiversity | Webinar recording

Royal Society of Canada Report on Marine Biodiversity – January 31, 2012 Canada has the longest marine coastline of any country in the world, along three of the world’s oceans. Is Canada filling its role as steward and protector of our valuable ocean resources and marine biodiversity? How do we stack up to other nations? And what more […]

IPCC Report on Extreme Weather Events | Webinar recording

IPCC Report on Extreme Weather Events – November 18, 2011 Extreme weather has severe consequences. It transforms landscapes, damages infrastructure, and results in human injury and loss of life. How is climate change influencing extreme weather? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), signed their report on Extreme Eventsin Kampala, Uganda, on Friday, November 18th, 2011. The […]

End-Of-Life Decision Making | Webinar recording

Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report: End-Of-Life Decision Making – November 14, 2011 Death is an inevitable consequence of life. Yet most Canadians have never discussed end of life directives and wishes with family members or caregivers. Assisted suicide and euthanasia are contentious issues, ones currently prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada. Yet a […]

Detecting Awareness in Vegetative Patients | Webinar recording

Detecting Awareness in Vegetative Patients – November 9, 2011 What if there was an easy, bedside method to diagnose awareness in patients who appeared to be in a vegetative state? And what if new innovations could help those “locked in” patients communicate? On November 9, 2011 the SMCC teamed up with MaRS Discovery District to launch […]

The Jenkins Report on Federal Support for Research and Development | Webinar Recording

The Jenkins Report on Federal Support for Research and Development – October 18, 2011 An expert panel convened by the federal government released their final report Monday on how effective Canada is at supporting business-oriented research and development. Chaired by Tom Jenkins, chief strategy officer of Open Text, the report has several recommendations, including large […]

Stem Cells at 50 | Webinar recording

Stem Cells at 50: The hope, the hype, and the reality – June 14, 2011 Fifty years ago, stem cells were discovered in Toronto by James Till and Ernest McCulloch. These cells have the unique property of being able to become any type of cell in the body – nerve, blood, skin, bone. Harnessing their […]

Canadian Seismic Research Network and Earthquake Hazards | Webinar recording

Canadian Seismic Research Network and Earthquake Hazards – May 4, 2011 Today, the SMCC held a webinar about the work of the Canadian Seismic Research Network. Funded by NSERC, the CSRN explores questions like: Where in Canada are earthquakes most likely to happen? What damage would quakes that size do to our cities? How do […]

Catlin Arctic Survey | Webinar recording

Catlin Arctic Survey – February 27, 2011 The SMCC held an online news briefing for the Canadian launch of the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey. This year, survey scientists – including Canadian Kristina Brown – studied how melting Arctic ice causes surface water to ‘freshen’, and what that means for ocean currents.

Catlin Arctic Survey | Webinar announcement

Catlin Arctic Survey – Webinar Announcement Meet the team of scientists heading up to the Canadian Arctic to help unravel the mystery of how Arctic Ocean currents help drive weather, wind and precipitation in the North Atlantic. The SMCC held an online news briefing for the Canadian launch of the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey. This […]

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