Catlin Arctic Survey – Webinar Announcement

Meet the team of scientists heading up to the Canadian Arctic to help unravel the mystery of how Arctic Ocean currents help drive weather, wind and precipitation in the North Atlantic.

The SMCC held an online news briefing for the Canadian launch of the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey. This year, survey scientists – including Canadian Kristina Brown – studied how melting Arctic ice causes surface water to ‘freshen’, and what that means for ocean currents.

At the briefing, you’ll hear

  • how the ice melts, and how freshening could affect North Atlantic currents;
  • how those currents can affect weather in Europe and North America
  • how scientists work in extreme conditions, gathering ice, water, and air samples and working from tents.

You’ll also have the chance to download pictures and video of previous Arctic Surveys, showing the realities of science in the Arctic.

About the Survey: The Survey left for the Arctic the second week of March, where a scientific team will establish an Ice Base off the western coast of Ellef Ringnes Island in Canada. Final preparations begin in Resolute Bay, on the 1st of March. Scientists will be at the base for eight weeks. Simultaneously, a team of four polar explorers will undertake two expeditions to collect further data from Prince Gustav Adolf Sea, and from the region of North Geographic Pole towards Greenland. This year is the third for the Expedition.