Coastal wetlands help soak up harmful greenhouse gases

  A new study suggests that coastal wetland ecosystems such as mangrove forests, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows are great at mitigating negative effects of greenhouse gases. To study how effectively each marine ecosystem utilizes greenhouse gases, researchers evaluated how CO2 is stored within the system and for how long. Their estimations suggest that mangrove […]

Warmer temperatures and increased CO2 levels don’t stimulate tree growth

Warmer temperatures and higher levels of carbon dioxide associated with climate change were supposed to bode well for tree growth. But a recent study shows that this advantage isn’t seen in the trees of Canadian boreal forests. Researchers collected and analyzed tree-ring data and satellite images to determine how the changing temperatures and CO2 emissions […]

Wastewater treatment plants a neglected source of carbon emissions

As countries develop policies to address climate change following the Paris Agreement, it is important that no source of carbon emissions is overlooked. New research shows evidence of emissions from wastewater treatment plants that aren’t limited to organic human waste. The study suggests several methods of mitigating the detrimental effects of such emissions. Authors: Linda […]

Carbon dioxide warming effects felt 10 years after being emitted

It takes ten years for an emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) to have its maximum warming effects on the Earth, a new study shows. It was previously thought that the warming effects from a CO2 emission would not be felt for several decades. The authors conclude that benefit from avoided CO2 emissions, and thus avoided droughts, […]

Streams in the boreal forests emit more CO2 than previously thought

Streams in the boreal forest emit more carbon dioxide than previously thought, a new study shows. Researchers discovered that previous studies on CO2 emissions from lakes and groundwater only studied the endpoints of streams and rivers. Studying carbon isotopes ratios from various points in groundwater allowed  the researchers discovered previously unaccounted for CO2 emissions. The boreal forest […]

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