Older mothers more likely to experience complications during childbirth

Risk of life-threatening complications during childbirth — such as as renal failure, obstetric shock, and amniotic fluid embolism — increases with mother’s age, according to a new study. Researchers examined data from single-infant births to women of various ages over the period of 10 years. After adjusting for confounding factors, such as parity, body mass […]

Infants much less likely to get the flu if moms are vaccinated during pregnancy

Babies whose mothers get flu shots while pregnant have a significantly reduced risk of becoming ill with the flu during their first six months. During those first months, infants cannot be immunized against influenza, and must rely on herd immunity and any protection provided by their mother’s antibodies. Researchers found infants six months and younger […]

The use and abuse of Accutane among pregnant Canadians

The potent acne medication Accutane, also known as isotretinoin, is being used by pregnant women despite the risks the drug poses to a developing fetus as well as increasing the likelihood of miscarriage. The authors of a new study believe this shows Canada’s program that aims to prevent pregnancy in women using Accutane is not effective. […]

Breast-feeding after one year and Vitamin D

  Breastfeeding children after their first birthday does not provide adequate levels of vitamin D, even if the child is also eating solid foods, according to researchers. They recommend these children should take a vitamin D supplement to prevent health problems, such as rickets. Currently the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends children take vitamin D supplements […]

Something’s fishy about childhood obesity

Eating fish more than three times a week during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of childhood obesity, according to the results of a new study. Women who ate fish more than three times per week were more likely to give birth to children with higher BMI values at ages two, four, and six. […]

Stomach fat increases risk of diabetes during pregnancy

Women with a high level of abdominal fat during the first trimester of pregnancy have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes later on during pregnancy, according to a new study. Researchers measured the abdominal fat of 485 women during the end of their first trimester (11 – 14 weeks), and later measured their oral […]

Antidepressants during pregnancy may be linked to ADHD in kids

A new study finds that exposure to antidepressants in the womb may be linked to an increased risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, the researchers caution that the risks of depressed mothers-to-be stopping their medication may be greater for the unborn child than the increased risk of developing ADHD associated with continuing […]

Common blood thinner ineffective for pregnant women

  A new study indicates that daily injections of a blood thinner does not effectively decrease the risk of pregnancy complications in women with a tendency to develop blood clots.  A large-scale, randomized trial was never conducted and until now it’s effectiveness has been unknown. The new study followed 292 women over 12 years and […]

Blood test predicts premature birth

Researchers have created a new blood test that helps predict whether a pregnant woman is likely to go into labour prematurely. Currently, many of the women admitted to hospital with signs of premature labour do not end up giving birth within ten days. The new test examines blood for signs of the expression of certain genes, […]

Pregnancy increases risk of serious traffic crashes

A new study of 507 262 women who gave birth in Ontario between 2006 and 2011 indicates that pregnant women are at greater risk of being involved in a car accident. During the 3 years before pregnancy, the group averaged 177 crashes per month, but during the second trimester of pregnancy, this rose to 252 […]

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