Emissions to cause even more profound warming

Burning all the Earth’s remaining fossil fuels could lead to an average temperature increase of about 8 °C across the globe—with an increase of 17 °C in the Arctic—by 2300, say researchers at the University of Victoria. Using a series of comprehensive Earth system models, researchers simulated long-term warming in response to releasing five trillion […]

Aerosols and a warming Arctic

The Arctic has warmed more quickly over the last century than the rest of the planet, a warming observed to be about 1.2 degrees Celsius. According to a new study, this warming could have been even worse. Aerosols, particles or droplets created as a byproduct of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuel, […]

How much fossil fuel can we exploit?

Canada would need to leave 75 per cent of its oil in the ground as part of a global effort to cap global warming at two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a new study shows. The authors also conclude that the exploitation of resources in the Arctic should be ruled out. Using computer models, the authors found that […]

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