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The bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) may be able to create false memories over time in a fashion similar to people. (Image credit: Marko Kivelä,

Bumblebees may have false memories

People are known to have false memories where they remember experiences that never occurred. Can these errors also occur in animals? Researchers have found that bumblebees may be capable of creating false memories. The researchers made this observation by training bumblebees to expect a reward  from either a solid coloured flower or a patterned one. […]

Machine intelligence beats classic video games

A new artificial intelligence program learned how to play 49 classic arcade video games (such as Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders and Asteroids) when given only minimal information, a new study shows. The program was able to surpass the performance of all previous algorithms and outperformed a professional human games tester in a majority of the […]

Buffalo Pound Lake near Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. (Credit: jlongland,

Boreal hard water lakes could become carbon sink

Hard water lakes such as the Buffalo Pound Lake in Saskatchewan, are common in the Prairie provinces. Boreal lakes normally emit greenhouse gases with the breakdown of organic matter. New research shows that atmospheric warming could transform these lakes into carbon sinks. This study contradicts the general assumption that global warming will invariably increase CO2 emissions from […]

Can just a phone call a week help minimize postpartum depression?

A study of mothers in New Brunswick found that phone conversations with helpful peers can diminish postpartum depression (PPD). Researchers in New Brunswick provided peer support through weekly phone calls to 64 mothers suffering from moderate PPD for several months. At the beginning of the experiment all 64 of the mothers were moderately depressed, yet by […]

A mothers heartbeat, even a digital version, may help premature infants development

Babies born prematurely show an increase in growth in the brain’s auditory cortex when recordings of their mother’s voice and heartbeat are played. The auditory cortex in utero is thought to be important for the development of vocal communication as well as providing the ability to interpret and remember speech. Researchers played recordings of a […]

Volcanic metals hitch a ride on bubbles from Earth’s crust

During  a volcanic eruption, massive amounts of sulphur are released into the earth’s atmosphere. Now a new study has looked at the source of the sulphur and its movement. The research  focused on molten rock known as magma which exists deep within the Earth’s crust. This magma contains what is known as ‘sulphide melts’ – […]

A sauna is an enclosed room used for a steam bath. (Image courtesy of

A sauna in every house

Men who routinely take saunas are at less risk of dying from sudden cardiac death and other fatal cardiovascular diseases a new study shows. Researchers followed a group of 2,315 middle-aged men (42 to 60 years old) in Finland and found that men who used the sauna two to three times per week had a 24 per […]

This is the experimental set-up used to test whether dogs can discriminate emotional expressions of human faces. (Photo Credit: Anjuli Barber, Messerli Research Institute)

Happy? Your dog knows it

Dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces, a new study shows. Researchers taught 11 dogs to discriminate between happy and angry human faces, and then tested them showing only half of the faces, mixing new faces and masking the teeth. The authors conclude that dogs can discriminate between human’s emotional expressions, […]

Stopping high sea fishing to increase global catch

Closing the high seas to fishing could improve the distribution of catches globally, according to a new study. Researchers estimate that around 42% of commercial fish spend their time both in high seas and coastal areas, and predict that closure of high seas will result in more of these fish being caught in coastal areas […]

Researchers have determined the 'pop' sound, which popcorn is named after, comes from the release of water vapour. (Image credit: John Linwood,

Pop music

A video of a popcorn kernel bursting recorded by a high speed camera. (Video credit: The Schmitz family, uploaded to YouTube by Andrew Bridges) The physics of popping corn just got its own scientific pop. Researchers have discovered that the ‘pop’ sound is created by the release of water vapour. French researchers have found that […]

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