Unique Arctic Inuit adaptations to cold temperatures a gift from ancestors

Previous research has identified potential genes that help the Greenland Inuit generate heat from a specific type of body fat. A new study analyzed a large sample of genetic data to trace origins of these adaptations. The genomic data used in the study was collected from nearly 200 Greenlandic Inuits and compared to the 1000 […]

Rare shared genetic mutation behind Inuit disease

Scientists have found the gene mutations responsible for a rare disease which impairs the function of the liver and muscles in about 1 in 2500 Inuits in northern Quebec. Called glycogen storage disease type IIIa, this sickness causes a buildup of glycogen, a complex sugar, in the body. This in turn produces low blood sugar […]

Researchers identify genetic mutation responsible for a serious disorder common in Inuit people

Inuit will now be able to be quickly diagnosed with a blood test for a genetic disorder that prevents the absorption of sucrose, causing severe diarrhea. Researchers have identified the genetic mutation responsible for the disorder, called congenital sucrose–isomaltase deficiency (CSID), which affects up to one Inuit out of ten. They have isolated DNA from the […]

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