SMCC Webinar | Building Resilience to Climate Change: Evidence Based Strategies for Healthier Cities

Climate change is affecting Canada’s weather, changing not only the temperature, but also the quality of the air we breathe.  Evidence suggests these changes may pose a serious threat to public health, especially for certain vulnerable populations in urban areas. With over 80% of Canadians living in urban settings, there is an urgent need to […]

SMCC Webinar: New Strategies for Tracking Climate Change in Canada’s North

There has never been a more urgent time to study climate change. Average Arctic temperatures have increased at nearly twice the global average in the past 100 years. The extent of Sea ice is also at its lowest levels since records were kept.  As temperatures rise and sea ice retreats, Canada’s north is already experiencing […]

Emissions to cause even more profound warming

Burning all the Earth’s remaining fossil fuels could lead to an average temperature increase of about 8 °C across the globe—with an increase of 17 °C in the Arctic—by 2300, say researchers at the University of Victoria. Using a series of comprehensive Earth system models, researchers simulated long-term warming in response to releasing five trillion […]

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