Water is our lifeline and also a humbling force of nature. As the climate changes, the decisions we make today regarding water will determine our country’s success over the coming decades.

SMCC in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada brought together researchers and policy makers to describe what the future may hold for this essential resource and how we can prepare for the challenges of extreme and unstable weather, and inconsistent water supplies.

Using science to explore and implement adaptations, Canada could be better positioned to buffer the brutality of too much or too little water when extreme weather hits. We may also be able to thrive as a country, if we learn how to harness the water that charges through at unpredicted times of the year. Our infrastructure, our towns and cities, and even our food supply hang in the balance of these decisions.

Watch the webinar that showcases experts who elaborate on their research and why they believe now is the time for proactive measures.

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You will learn:

  • How the most recent climate models show us we must modify the way we construct buildings, roads and bridges in Canada if we expect them to survive the changing climate of the next century.
  • How decisions made now could affect whether the Canadian prairies will continue to be an incredibly productive agricultural zone or one plagued by drought.
  • The growing threat of ‘mid-winter break ups’ and how these events can contribute to devastating winter flooding.
  • How cities like Vancouver are using science to identify vulnerable areas and design innovative defenses against extreme weather events.


  1. Francis Zwiers, Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, University of Victoria
  2. Terry Prowse, Senior Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  3. Brandi Newton, PhD Candidate, University of Victoria
  4. Andrea Reimer, Councillor, City of Vancouver

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