Nature Scientific Reports
Published September 6, 2018 (News release from Nature Research Press)
The October 17, 2015, landslide at the toe of Tyndall Glacier, which sent 180 million tonnes of rock into Taan Fiord, Alaska, affected two square kilometres of land onshore, but the resulting tsunami affected more than 20 square kilometres, with the wave runup reaching 193 metres. The field observations provide a benchmark for modelling landslide and tsunami hazards, and call attention to an indirect effect of climate change that may be increasing the frequency and magnitude of natural hazards near glaciated mountains
Canadian co-authors: Dan Shugar, University of Washington, Tacoma –; Michele Koppes, University of British Columbia –; Marten Geertsema, B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Prince George –; Jeremy Venditti, Simon Fraser University –