(Image credit: Kang Zhang MD, PhD; Yizhi Liu, MD, PhD)

(Image credit: Kang Zhang MD, PhD; Yizhi Liu, MD, PhD)

A new study is showing that preserving the stem cells within the eye might be a more effective way to treat cataracts, at least in children.

Researchers surgically removed the damaged lens using a new technique that allowed them to preserve the lens epithelial stem cells. The minimally invasive surgery facilitated functional lens regeneration in rabbits and macaques, as well as 12 human infant cataract patients.

The infants treated with the new method showed improved results over paediatric patients who received the current standard-of-care treatment.

Original research paper published by Nature on March 9, 2015.

Names and affiliations of selected authors

Kang Zhang, Shiley Eye Institute, Institute for Engineering in Medicine, Institute for Genomic Medicine, University of California San Diego, California, U.S.A.