Prenatal sex selection?

Indian-born women who already have two daughters are significantly more likely to have a son after moving to Canada, which the researchers and the author of an accompanying commentary believe shows “prenatal sex selection is likely present among first-generation immigrants to Canada from India and provide strong evidence that suggests induced abortions are being used […]

Stop screening for developmental delay

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care recommends against using a screening test to identify developmental delay in young children who show no apparent signs of delayed development. The recommendation applies to children aged one to four years old who have no visible signs, or whose parents have no concerns, of delay. Developmental delay […]

Poor health in prisons

Canadians in jails and prisons are more likely to have mental health or substance abuse issues compared to the general population, according to a review of the available evidence. Additionally Canadians in jail or prison are more likely to attempt suicide. More than half of the individuals incarcerated in federal or provincial prisons and jails […]

Screening for lung cancer – New Canadian guidelines

New lung cancer screening guidelines have been released by the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care. The guidelines take into account the latest evidence and aim to balance the benefits of early detection against the harms caused by overdiagnosis and invasive testing. The new guidelines recommend annual CT scans for adults aged 55-74 years […]

Public health and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry

An editorial is calling for public health to play a larger role in the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women inquiry (MMIW). Dr. Kirsten Patrick, a deputy editor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal believes many factors underlying the interpersonal violence plaguing Aboriginal women and girls are linked to mental health issues, substance abuse, and other […]

The Brain Prize – Congratulations Dr. Collingridge

Dr. Graham Collingridge, Chair of the Department of Physiology, University of Toronto, has been awarded The Brain Prize, widely known as the “Nobel of neuroscience”,  for his research on the cellular mechanisms of learning and memory. The million euro prize is awarded by the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation in Denmark. Dr. Collingridge shares […]

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Breast-feeding after one year and Vitamin D

  Breastfeeding children after their first birthday does not provide adequate levels of vitamin D, even if the child is also eating solid foods, according to researchers. They recommend these children should take a vitamin D supplement to prevent health problems, such as rickets. Currently the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends children take vitamin D supplements […]

NSERC Award Winners

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada The winners of the 2016 NSERC prizes celebrating exceptional research in Canada were announced yesterday they include:   Dr. Victoria M. Kaspi, McGill University, is the winner of the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering. Kapsi studies neutron stars and her research sheds light […]

Dear, Health Minister – some friendly advice

The editors of the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a letter to Canada’s new Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Philpott. They called on Dr. Phillpott to let science and evidence guide policy. The authors also asked the new minister to follow through on her promises to expand home care, improve vaccination rates, and address mental […]

The role of science in Canadian policy

The Science Integrity Project, which aims to make evidence-based decision-making a high priority for government at all levels, has released four principles for  improving policy decisions using the best available evidence. The principles were developed through the collective wisdom of 75 leaders — in science, indigenous knowledge, public policy, civil society, and governance. The project […]

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