A new study demonstrates a quantum communication system that can deliver secure transmissions in faster and more secure ways. In quantum cryptography, unconditional security—where security of a transmitted message is not dependent on the device that interprets this message—presents a puzzle to scientists whose aim is to design a safe quantum key distribution (QKD) system. In the present study, the team describes a viable measurement-device-independent QKD system using already existing hardware. Researchers employed cost-effective and commercially available hardware to build a four-part system that is secure against quantum hacking and can send secret messages across geographical distances of more than 100 kilometres.


Raju Valivarthi, Qiang Zhou, Caleb John, Francesco Marsili, Varun B Verma, Matthew D Shaw, Sae Woo Nam, Daniel Oblak and Wolfgang Tittel

Canadian author:

Qiang Zhou, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary, AB, Email: better.zhou@ucalgary.ca

Original paper published in Quantum Science and Technology on September 19, 2017.