(Image via Global Young Academy)

(Image via Global Young Academy)

The number of scientists investigating basic-science questions in Canada has dropped by nearly 20%, a new survey reports. Reasons for the drop include decreased funding and institutional preference for applied research over fundamental research. Over 1,300 Canadian researchers took part in an online survey that asked them to share their views on the state of basic science in the country. Despite the disappointing results, many researchers are saying they are hopeful that things will change under the current federal government. The survey report recommends a baseline rise of $459 million Canada’s three main granting bodies, which fund the natural, health and social sciences, in order to get the basic per-person funding back to 2005 levels.


Baum, J.K., Dodd, M., Tietjen, K., and Kerr, J.

Principal investigator:

Julia Baum, Department of Biology, University of Victoria, BC, Email:baum@uvic.ca

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