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Ice Age Europe

The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Migration has been playing a role in European population dynamics since before the last Ice Age, according to what researchers believe is the most comprehensive genetic analysis of Upper Paleolithic Europeans to date. The team found that all the individuals between ~37,000 and ~14,000 years ago descended from a single founding population, which forms part […]

The impact of aging on human facial appearance as illustrated by the average face of 12 women aged 47 years (right facial side) and 12 women aged 70 years (left side). Aging effects facial skin such as wrinkling, uneven pigmentation, and facial structure such as lip size, nasolabial fold, with some people looking older, others younger for their age. (Image credit: Fan Liu)

Could those genes be making you look old?

A gene may be partially responsible for how old you look, according to a new study. The gene, MC1R, is known for producing red hair and pale skin, as well as playing a role in repair to damaged DNA and other biological processes. Researchers found people carrying the gene typically look almost two years older […]

A male peacock courting a female. (Image credit: Roslyn Dakin PLOS ONE e0152759)

Peacock courtship is all in the shake of a tail feather

It takes more than flashing that beautiful tail to get a mate in the peacock world, according to new research. Researchers noticed the way the peacocks raise and vibrate their tail feathers makes it appear as if the eyespots hover motionless against an iridescent background. The research team captured 14 peacocks on video to analyze […]

Stem cells with the Musashi-2 protein

Growing rare stem cells in a lab to treat blood diseases

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood can be used to help treat adult blood cancers, but few individual cord blood samples contain enough of the cells for a transplant. Now new research provides strategies for controlling and enhancing the growth of these stem cells, which means that more donated samples can be used for transplants, […]

The color of each voxel indicates its semantic selectivity, or which category of words it is selective for. For example, green voxels are mostly selective for visual and tactile concepts, while red voxels are mostly selective social concepts. White lines show the outlines of known functional brain regions.
(Visualizations created by Alexander Huth using pycortex software by James Gao, Mark Lescroart, and Alexander Huth)

Mapping the meaning of words in the brain

Researchers have mapped out how meanings of words are represented in the human brain. Researchers collected MRI data from seven participants while they listened to over 2 hours of stories on a radio show called The Moth Radio Hour. They found that information about the meaning of language is distributed broadly across over 100 distinct […]

Image by Matthias Müller via Flickr CC2.0

High death rate among previously incarcerated Canadians

Individuals who have been incarcerated have an overall shorter life expectancy than the average Canadian, as well as a far greater likelihood of dying due to an overdose. Authors of a new Canadian study believe the consistently high death rate, both while in custody and after release, suggests this is not simply a result of […]

Image by Thomas van Ardenne via Flickr CC2.0

The use and abuse of Accutane among pregnant Canadians

The potent acne medication Accutane, also known as isotretinoin, is being used by pregnant women despite the risks the drug poses to a developing fetus as well as increasing the likelihood of miscarriage. The authors of a new study believe this shows Canada’s program that aims to prevent pregnancy in women using Accutane is not effective. […]

Image by NIAID via Flickr

Expanding Canadian HPV vaccination program to boys

Expanding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programs to include males in Canada will help protect them against HPV-related cancers. Authors of a new Canadian analysis explain that it’s important for policy-makers to recognize that HPV can cause cancer in males as well as females, but current vaccination programs in Canada don’t address these risks. HPV is […]

Image via Pixabay CC0

Mysteries of the chameleon’s amazing tongue, revealed

The chameleon’s tongue is one of nature’s wonders – it relies on a highly specialised structure that allows it to extend to twice the length of its owner’s body while unravelling telescopically, all rapidly enough to catch passing insects. Now, US and UK scientists have built a mathematical model that explains the mechanics of the […]


The global health map of Indigenous communities

The health of about half of the world’s Indigenous peoples – 28 populations in 23 countries from the Arctic through to Oceania – have been mapped out in a recent study out of Australia. This global health map includes Indigenous peoples from Africa, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Myanmar, the Americas, Scandinavia, Circumpolar Russia, Greenland, […]

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