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Genomics: the power & the promise – Early bird registration

Genome Canada and The Canada Gairdner International Awards are hosting a conference and gala dinner event exploring the theme “Genomics: the Power & the Promise“. The conference will explore how genomics has affected our daily lives, as well as the impacts of environmental factors on human health. Held at the Ottawa Convention Centre between November 24 – 26, 2014, the […]

The ecological reconstruction of Ikrandraco avatar. (Credit: Chuang Zhao)

New Pterosaur – Avatar style

Researchers have found deposits of a new species of pterosaur, a flying reptile that lived about 120 million years ago. This new species was named Ikrandraco avatar for it’s similarities to the ‘ikran’ flying creatures in the 2009 Avatar movie and to a dragon (draco). The fossils were found in Northeastern China. Original research paper published […]

How to have sex without hurting your back

  Contrary to popular belief, spooning is not always the best sex position for those with a bad back. Using infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems – like those used in the creation of video games – scientists tracked how 10 couples’ spines moved when attempting five common sex positions. They found that sex positions that are […]

Cannabis impacts on teenagers

Daily users of cannabis before age 17 are over 60% less likely to complete high school or obtain a degree compared to those who have never used the drug, a new review of literature shows. The authors reviewed 290 reports on cannabis use in teenagers published since 2004. The authors conclude that adolescent cannabis use […]

Long term use of pills for anxiety and sleep problems and Alzheimer’s

Prolonged use of benzodiazepines, drugs useful to treat anxiety and insomnia, is linked to higher risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a new study indicates. Researchers looked at the benzodiazepine drug use in 1,796 elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease living in Quebec and compared them to a control group of elderly without diagnosed cognitive problems. They […]

Physicians in Canada 2013

How many doctors are currently practising in Canada and how much are they getting paid? How many of them received their medical training outside of Canada? Are more women entering the physician workforce? A new CIHI report, available upon request, tackles these questions. Original report published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) on September 9, 2014.

Resistance of the boreal forest to fire

A new study shows that the boreal forest could be more resilient to forest fire than previously thought. Using climate projections, scientists estimate that forest fire in the Boreal forest in Canada will be bigger and happen more frequently by the end of the 21st century. However, a careful study of the past 200 years […]

Calculating the impact of a “Green Revolution”

New research suggests that improving crop yields has reduced carbon emissions and land use worldwide, but that this might not be the case in the future. The “Green Revolution” refers to the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural technology to increase crop yields. Previous studies have shown that rather than decreasing the amount of land […]

Helping grad students prepare for life beyond the lab

Graduate students in Ontario have a new tool to help them prepare for life beyond the lab. is a new website available to any Ontario graduate student via their university e-mail account. It offers 18 short, self-paced training units on topics such as how to write a resume, how to conduct a job search, the […]

This sterile cover converts an ordinary power drill into a tool that can be safely used in orthopaedic surgery in developing world clinics where other equipment is prohibitively expensive. (Photo credit: Grand Challenges Canada)

22 ideas for improving health in the developing world

The Government of Canada, through Grand Challenges Canada, announces seed funding Sept. 8 for 22 projects submitted by innovators worldwide and designed to improve health in the developing world. Examples include: A device that converts sound into symbols for display on Google Glass, a tablet or laptop, captioning conversations in real-time for deaf people A […]

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