Scientists create a global tool to help countries plan for better conservation funding

Conservation funding can mitigate biodiversity loss if those finances are invested wisely, and a newly designed model aims to help governments accomplish this goal over time. Authors of a new study designed an evidence-based model to help predict the impact of conservation funding on biodiversity loss in 109 countries. Their data revealed that, in the […]

Strong link between depression and risk of early death for both men and women

Association between depression and early death remains strong among men and has ramped up among women over the past two decades, results of a long-term community-based study suggest. Researchers examined 60 years of mental health data of over 3000 adults from a region in Atlantic Canada and linked the data to deaths in the Canadian […]

Genetic variants for breast cancer can help in better screening and treatments, earlier detection

Scientists have identified 72  new genetic variants associated with the risk of breast cancer. In two recently published studies, researchers describe the new variants – including some that are associated with two biologically distinct types of breast cancer cases that don’t respond to hormonal therapy. These results come from a global project which involved over […]

Sediments deposited by ice sheet meltwater provide clues about ancient climates, as well as the future effects of global warming.
(Image by Francesco Muschitielli)

How volcanoes can melt ice sheets long after the eruption

Volcanic ash can trigger abrupt melting of ice sheets long after the eruption, according to evidence from ancient ice sediment records. While volcanic eruptions and the release of ash into the air generally has a cooling effect on the planet’s atmosphere, deposits of ash onto ice sheets can cause spontaneous melts that contribute to global […]


Collision of two stars offers astronomers first glimpse of gravitational waves in visible light

Three months ago, two neutron stars in a galaxy 130 million light-years away from Earth collided with an explosion so powerful that, for the first time ever, astronomers were able to observe a cosmic event of this scale. It all started when scientists at LIGO/Virgo detected gravitational waves, which were at first thought to be […]

Battling blazes exposes firefighters to carcinogens

After putting out flames, firefighters face a four-fold risk of DNA damage, new research suggests. Previous studies have pointed to exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)—which release into the air as a result of burning of wood, plastics, furniture, electronics and other building materials—as a possible cause for higher rates of cancer among firefighters. The […]

These are fat cells (white circles) in healthy human bone marrow, left, compared to bone marrow in a patient with leukemia, right.
(Image courtesy McMaster University)

Fattening up fat cells can help fight leukemia

Boosting fat cells in the bone marrow helped suppress cancer cells while regenerating healthy blood cells, new research suggests. According to study authors, the present research is unique in its focus on the bone marrow as an ecosystem, which led to the identification of fat cells as a possible therapy target – instead of the […]

Genes of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Genetic variants associated with the obsessive-compulsive disorder, which affects over 80 million people around the world, have been pinpointed in a new study. Isolating and characterizing such genes may help researchers understand the underlying biology of OCD and develop treatments for this disease. Scientists analyzed sequencing data for 608 candidate genes, and identified four genes […]

(Image via  Pexels/CC0)

Big brains help cetaceans create complex, “human-like” societies

Cetaceans, such as dolphins and whales, have complex societies with behaviors that closely resemble human and primate relationships, new research suggests. In a first study of its kind, scientists have created a comprehensive database of brain sizes and behaviors in 90 species of dolphins, whales and porpoises. They found evidence of such complex social behaviors […]

(Image courtesy of Eric Norris)

Ibuprofen is better than morphine for children recovering from minor surgery

When it comes to pain relief and minimum side effects, ibuprofen is more suitable than oral morphine for children recovering from minor orthopedic surgery, results of a new clinical trial suggest. Researchers observed reaction to painkillers in 154 children aged 5 to 17 years who underwent minor orthopedic surgery, such as keyhole surgery on joints, […]

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