Climate Change, Extreme Heat and Health | SMCC Backgrounder

  There is no denying it and no doubt about it: our planet is warming and climate change is well underway, around the world and right here in Canada. And extreme heat events are one of the consequences. Periods of extreme heat are uncomfortable, but they can also exacerbate existing health conditions, such as asthma, and […]


Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan | SMCC Backgrounder

The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) was launched in 2006 as a joint initiative of Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada. The plan was designed to assess and manage chemical substances with the help of existing federal chemical programs. SMCC’s backgrounder on Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan describes the key programs for research and monitoring […]

Alberta’s Bow River: Climate change and human impacts | SMCC Backgrounder

In the days leading up to June 20, 2013, Alberta experienced extreme rainfall that led to flooding on the Bow River and its associated watershed. Total damage was estimated at $3 to 5 billion. While there is no way to prevent such floods, scientific research by climatologists, hydrologists and other experts can help us understand […]

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